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Teachers: A Pivotal Piece of the ADHD Diagnosis Puzzle

by Pardis Khosravi, PsyD, Clinical Director, Catherine T. Harvey Center for Clinical Services, CHC

Next to their parents, who spends the most time with kids? Teachers. Educator, mentor, nurturer, inspiration…teachers play many roles in their students’ lives. They are also pivotal players in the ADHD diagnostic process, serving as frontline observers of a child’s behavior in a structured school setting on a daily basis. Read more »

WVU Researcher Determines ADHD Gives Entrepreneurs An Edge

The brains of people with ADHD function in ways that can benefit them as entrepreneurs, according to research from the West Virginia University John Chambers College of Business and Economics. Read more »

ADHD in Women and Girls: Why Female Symptoms Slip Through Diagnostic Cracks

Our approach to ADHD in women and girls has been broken for too long. To fix it, we must challenge everything we know about the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of ADHD today. Read more »

Four Ways to Cope With Existential Dread

Instagram, TikTok, Facebook—no matter where we go on social media, we’re inundated with someone else’s accomplishments.

While you’re scrolling through those highly-curated feeds, I can guess that (at least once) your stomach has turned with dread. After your stomach quelled itself, thoughts of uncertainty about your own life likely started popping up. That stomach drop sensation and uncertainty about the life ahead is what’s known in therapy-speak as existential dread. Read more »

How to Parent From Two Homes

Obviously, it is great when parents align their values and parenting philosophies, which can often make raising kids together easier. But for some separated parents, finding this alignment isn’t feasible or comes with a cost. In those cases, Sophie Jacobi-Parisi J.D., M.S.W. says, the answer is parallel parenting. Read more »

10 Tips to Help Your Child After a Breakup or Divorce

Divorce can end some unhappy, unhealthy unions, and in the end, can become the best solution for a struggling family. But if you’re a parent going through it, you’re probably thinking about more than just yourself. If you stay up at night wondering how your children are affected — you’re not alone. There are ways to make this familial transition a bit easier for everyone. Read more »

What Psychologists Want Today’s Young Adults to Know

The generation entering adulthood now faces novel, sometimes debilitating, challenges. Experts offer tools to navigate a “quarterlife crisis.” Read more »

How to Help Children Cope With Divorce

During a divorce, children may feel overwhelmed by the changes in their living situation and routine, the loss of stability, and the potential conflict between their parents. They may even feel responsible for the divorce or worry about their relationship with each parent. Read more »

What Is an Existential Crisis?

An existential crisis is an umbrella term that encompasses any uneasy feelings concerning the meaning of life. These thoughts typically come down to two foundational questions: Who am I and what is my purpose in life? Read more »

Is My Teenager Depressed or Moody?

Moodiness is the norm for teenagers… right? Here are some questions to ask yourself about your teen’s mood changes. Read more »

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