Esther B. Clark Schools

Transformative education for Bay Area students with emotional and behavioral challenges. Grades K-10.

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About EBC

EBC Schools serves K-10 students with emotional and behavioral challenges. Our team of professionals in education, behavior, and mental health services are uniquely positioned to holistically support our students in:

  • Re-engaging in learning
  • Developing positive behaviors and self-regulatory skills necessary for success in their next school placement
  • Working through challenges in a structured, supported environment
  • Recognizing positive outcomes of positive choices
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Esther B. Clark Schools Success Story

Meet the EBC Leadership Team

Our team of educators and specialists are dedicated to providing support for emotional and behavioral challenges that students may be facing. For a complete listing of staff visit the EBC School Staff Directory on the CHC website.

Esther B. Clark School Leadership Karen Moos Site Director South Bay

Karen Moos, LCSW

Site Director, South Bay
Esther B. Clark School Leadership Sarah Knepper Educational Services Manager

Sarah Knepper, MEd

Esther B. Clark School Leadership Scott Hanson Compliance Program Manager

Scott Hanson, MS

Compliance Program Manager
Esther B. Clark School Leadership Dr. Amy Tsai Clinical Program Manager South Bay

Amy Tsai, PhD

Clinical Program Manager, South Bay
Esther B. Clark School Leadership Casey Strauss Academic Program Manager South Bay

Casey Strauss, MA

Academic Program Manager, South Bay
Esther B. Clark School Leadership Leeanne Merritt Clinical Program Manager Palo Alto

Leeanne Merritt, LCSW

Clinical Program Manager, Palo Alto
Esther B. Clark School Leadership Roya Afshar Academic Program Manager Palo Alto

Roya Afshar, MA

Academic Program Manager, Palo Alto
Esther B. Clark School Leadership Caroline Goerke Behavior Program Manager Palo Alto

Caroline Goerke

Behavior Program Manager, Palo Alto
Esther B. Clark School Leadership Dana Acoba Behavior Program Manager, South Bay

Dana Acoba, MS, BCBA

Esther B. Clark School Staff at Palo Alto Campus

How We Help

At EBC, we can help. With the expertise of EBC’s program and staff, children with social-emotional challenges re-engage in learning and develop positive skills to transition back to a mainstream school environment.

Back of student with long hair and a backpack giving a thumbs up
Esther B. Clark School Teachers for Careers

Careers At EBC

EBC employs a wide range of professionals in the fields of education, behavior, mental health and related services seeking to make a difference in the lives of young people.

EBC has the most wonderful, kind, and skilled staff. I am so grateful for the work they have done with my son who was unable to function at school until EBC. Their help has changed life for our entire family.

—Parent of EBC School Student

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